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Chris Stevens, University of Warwick

A Critical Discussion of Sartre on Love

John Woodlee, Mercer University

Descriptions of God: A Critique of Anselm's Ontological Argument

Joshua Savage, Ball State University

Where Claxton Falls Short: The Illusions of Consumption Addiction

Wesley C. Dempster, University of Arizona

The Foundations of Knowledge in Aristotle and Epicurus: A Comparative Analysis

Caroline Sluyter, Smith College

Motion and Rest from a Chinese Buddhist Perspective

Daniel Cole, Ball State University

Heidegger and Social Ecology

Jonathan Langseth, University of Maine

Wittgenstein's Account of Rule-Following and Its Implications

Sam Hawke, University of Warwick

To What Extent is Experience Like Belief?

Cassandra Reed, Ball State University

The Politics of Epistemology

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