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Klayton Silverpen

Why Does God Need Freedom? 

Greyson Gold

The Wisdom of Wizards: The Cognitive Value of Fantasy Literature 

Kelsey Gaylord

The Case Against Speciesism and Sexism: An Interactionist Approach to Singer and Adams

Nevin Chellappah

Is J.S. Mill’s Account of Free Speech Sustainable in the Age of Social Media? 

Shir Bloch 

On the Structure of Consciousness: Experiential Swaths within Holism

Kelly Oduro 

Bringing the Marginalized into Epistemology 

Vaibhav Gaddam

Thinking and Speaking

Jacob Berk

Putnam's Problem of the Robot and Extended Minds

Mukund Maithani

How a Buddha Acts: Laying Bricks for a Buddhist Theory of Action 

Jay Six

Kantian Disregard for Non-Rational Humans: Immanuel Kant’s Haunting Impact on Contemporary Bioethics

Grace Georgi

Music, Cage's Silence, and Art: An Interview with Stephen Davies, PhD

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