Stance Volume 2

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2009 Staff

The Skeptic's Guide to the Genealogy
   -Benjamin Holvey, Case Western Reserve University


Generation Lobotomy: Kinase Inhibition Therapy, Memory Erasure and Identity Loss

   -Amanda Anais Ruiz, Westminster College


Visualizing a Critical Mixed-Race Theory
   -Desiree Valentine, Marquette University


Rethinking the Binary of Pure Objectivity and Relativistic Chaos
   -Jason Huber, Case Western Reserve University


The Environmental Crises: Why We Need Anthropocentrism
   -Beth Mendenhall, Kansas State University


A Consistent Consolation: True Happiness in Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy
   -Allison Glasscock, Western Oregon University


The Ethical Implications of Evolutionary Theory
   -Marc Anthony Parker, Birmingham-Southern College Alabama


What (Doesn't) Make an Heroic Act?
   -Jonathan Payton, York University


Morality with an Accent
   -Douglas Romney, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

A Doctor and a Scholar: Rethinking the Philosophic Significance of Eryximachus in the Symposium
   -Ronald Ross, Wittenberg University


A Metaphysics for Mathematical and Structural Realism
   -Adam InTae Gerard, Iowa State University

Cassandra Reed, Ball State University 


Juli Kathryn Thorson Elfin, PhD


Isaac Brooks, Ball State University
Lorrie Caskey, Ball State University
Tarryn Jones, Ball State University
Jeffrey Neff, Ball State University

Kevin Clinton, Ball State University
Nathaniel Dearinger, Ball State University
Christopher Hoover, Ball State University
Micah McCauley, Ball State University
Ryan Moran, Ball State University
Eric Roesch, Ball State University
Ian Shannon, Ball State University


Jeremy Bauer, Ball State University
Katie Furlan, Ball State University

Kristyn Loudermilk, Ball State University

Debra Harvey, Ball State University
Rosamae Swoape, Ball State University


Nick Alvarez, San Francisco State University
Ronald Baumiller, Duquesne University
Randoplh Jay Carlson, Wofford College
Jeremy Dolan, Northeastern Illinois University
Leslie Easton, University of Tulsa
Jake Friedman, McDaniel College
Jade Isom, University of Central Florida
Kevin J. Kent, Transylvania University
A.R. Lent, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Gregory Moore, University of Central Florida
Alan Reynolds, Pepperdine University
Tudor Seserman, Hamilton College
Frank Struges, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Crystal Taylor, Pepperdine University
Michael Weaver, Toccoa Falls College
Michael Walschots, University of Windsor
Scott Zuke, St. Mary’s College of Maryland