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Phillip Shannon, Lycoming College

The Piety of Escape

Stephen Bailey, Samford University

Certainly Uncertain: Nietzschean Pessimism for an Optimistic World

Jenna Kreyche, Boston University

How We Are Moral: Benevolence, Utility, and Self-Love in Hobbes and Hume

Anthony Adrian, Texas State University

Ruminations on Intermittent Existence

Zachary Stinson, Flagler College

A Multi-Causal Approach To Synchronicity

Leonardo Moauro, Brown University

A Critical Assessment of George Klosko's Version of the Principle of Fair Play

Kenneth Stalkfleet, University of Illinois

Gettiering Goldman

Bo Fox Pons, University of South Dakota

A Rawlsian Revitalization of Gewirth's Normative Structure for Action

Pete Faulconbridge, University of Warwick

A New Approach to the Paradox of Fiction

Blake McAllister, Pepperdine University

The Universe Began to Exist? Craig's Philosophical Arguments For A Finite Past

Brittney Sovik, Georgia State University

Book Review: Why Some Things Should Not Be for Sale by Debra Satz

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