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Gunnar Lund, Boston College

Across and Beyond: The Semantics of Transgender Identity

Kristianne C. Anor, York University, CAN

Science: A Greatest Integer Function–a Punctuated, Cumulative Approach to the Inquisitive Nature of Science

Kyle Cavagnini, University of North Carolina

Descriptions of Scientific Revolutions: Rorty’s Failure at Redescribing Scientific Progress

Amanda Frankel, Seton Hall University

Kept Down By the Man, Damn the Man: The Figurative and Literal Alienation of Women

Garrett Allen, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Understanding Thomas Reid

Phillip Curtsmith, Western Connecticut State University

The Principle of Implicit Ignorance

Vincent Charles Sawaya, Michigan State University

The Truth of the Matter: A Defense of Critical Thinking as the Principle Aim of Education

Debra Bellamy, Goucher College

To Gay, or Not To Gay?

Hannah Laurens, Birkbeck College, UK

Finite in Infinity: Spinoza’s Conception of Human Freedom Explained Through His Metaphysics

Peter Antich, University of Dallas

Elegy to Narcissus

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