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Jenna Tomasello, SUNY Buffalo State

Sexual Harassment and Objectivity: Why We Need Not Ask Women If They Are Victims

Max Siegel, Princeton University

Revising the Principle of Alternate Possibilities

Kyle Curran, Trent University, CAN

Change and Moral Development in Kant’s Ethics

Chad Marxen, Pepperdine University

Fatalism and Truth at a Time

Jenny Carmichael, Michigan State University

Indiscernibles and Plato’s Forms v. Parmenides

Mark McGinn, Webster University

Instrumentalism and Poetic Thinking: A Critique of Dewey’s Logic of Thought

Kristen Wells, University of North Carolina

Nietzsche’s Society

Vesak Chi, University of Washington

Climate Ethics: Individual vs. Collective Responsibility, and the Problem of Corruption

John C. Hill, Gettysburg College

Carruthers and Constitutive Self-Knowledge

Oda Storbråten Davanger, Earlham College

Not So Innocent—an Akratic Reading of Leibnizian “Judgment”

Marilyn Frye

Philosophy Comes Out of Lives: An Interview with  Marilyn Frye

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