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Liz Jackson, Kansas State University

Beliefs and Blameworthiness

Nicholas Brown, St. Mary's College 

A Defense of Form: Internet Memes and Confucian Ritual

Casey Hladik, Siena College

Rusbridger’s “The Snowden Leaks and the Public” and Mill’s Utilitarianism: An Analysis of the Utilitarian Concern of “Going Dark”

Anna Brinkerhoff, Pepperdine University

Resolving the Paradox of Fiction: A Defense of Irrationalism

Lauren Pass, University of Iowa

The Productive Citizen: Marx, Cultural Time, and Disability

Austin Heath, Hamilton College

Mathematical Infinity and the Presocratic Apeiron

Nicholas Logan, Vanderbilt University

An Existentialist Critique of Punishment

The Insubstantial and Exclusionary Nature of Plato’s Aesthetic Theory

Jenna Blake, Carnegie Mellon University

Feminist Critique of Joseph Stiglitz’s Approach to the Problems of Global Capitalism

Jessa Wood, Bloomsburg University

An Examination of Disgust and Its Relation to Morality

Betty Stoneman, Utah Valley University

Ideological Domination: Deconstructing the Paradox of the American Dream and the Working Class Promise

Elizabeth Grosz

Bodies of Philosophy: An Interview with Elizabeth Grosz

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