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 Camilla Cannon, Warren Wilson College 

The Contemporary American Child as a Docile Consumptive Body

Ian Ferguson, Duquesne University

Nietzsche and the Prince

Eric Badovintz, University of Colorado Boulder

There Are No Genuine Disagreements about Funniness

Brandon Ferrick, Rutgers University

Defending a Benefit-Based Approach to Compensation for Necessary Losses

Katie Lane Kirkland, Millsaps College

Concreteness and Contraception: Beauvoir’s Second Sex and the Affordable Care Act

Anson Tullis, Washburn University

Duality Unresolved and Darwinian Dilemmas

Richard R. Eva, Princeton University

Multilateral Retributivism: Justifying Change

Hannah Bahnmiller, University of North Dakota

The Intersections between Self-Deception and Inconsistency: An Examination of Bad Faith and Cognitive Dissonance

Charles Mills

Rethinking Philosophy and Race: An Interview with Charles Mills

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