Stance Volume 8

Table of Contents

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2015 Staff

The Contemporary American Child as a Docile Consumptive Body
   -Camilla Cannon, Warren Wilson College 


Nietzsche and the Prince
   -Ian Ferguson, Duquesne University


There Are No Genuine Disagreements about

   -Brandon Ferrick, Rutgers University


Defending a Benefit-Based Approach to Compensation for Necessary Losses
   -Brandon Ferrick, Rutgers University


Concreteness and Contraception: Beauvoir’s Second Sex and the Affordable Care Act
   -Katie Lane Kirkland, Millsaps College


Duality Unresolved and Darwinian Dilemmas
   -Anson Tullis, Washburn University


Multilateral Retributivism: Justifying Change
   -Richard R. Eva, Princeton University


The Intersections between Self-Deception and Inconsistency: An Examination of Bad Faith and Cognitive Dissonance
   -Hannah Bahnmiller, University of North Dakota


Rethinking Philosophy and Race: An Interview with Charles Mills

Christine Baker, Ball State University

Rachel Crawley, Ball State University

David W. Concepción, PhD


Rachel Crawley, Ball State University
Lauren Fosnight, Ball State University
Cameron McNeely, Ball State University
Arthur Soto, Ball State University


Iesha Alspaugh, Ball State University 
Kayla Gurganus, Ball State University
Dillon Roberts, Ball State University 
Dylan Rupchock, Ball State University 
Eliza Sandlin, Ball State University 
Marc Semanchik, Ball State University 
Wynne Williams, Ball State University



Rachel Crawley (Lead), Ball State University
Rebecca Jackson, Ball State University
Eliza Sandlin, Ball State University


Eric Lawler, Ball State University 


Zara Anwarzai, Bard College at Simon’s Rock
Víctor Aranda Utrero, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
David Bayless, Samford University
Angela Bischof, New Mexico State University
Iliana Cuella, California State University, Los Angeles
Jessica Ellis, York University, Toronto
Cheryl Frazier, Barry University
Herbert A Hartline, Jr., Colorado State University
Amy Luke, Providence College
Fergus Peace, Magdalen College, University of Oxford
Alex Sarappo, Colby College 
Olesia Stockhold, University of Colorado, Boulder
Franziska Wettstein, University of Bern, Switzerland
Marissa Willis, John Brown University


External Reviewers
Hansen Breitling, University of Northern Iowa 
Judith Carlisle, Furman University 
Lukas Clark-Memler, University of Edinburgh
Austen Hall, Trinity University
Ariel Kline, Marymount Manhattan College
David Kretz, Bard College Berlin
Melissa Mikail, University of California, Riverside
Nicholas Vallone, Univeristy of Massachusets, Amherst