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Caroline Carr, The College of the Holy Cross

Does the Dao Support Individual Autonomy and Human Rights?

Raquel Robles, Coe College

Just Visiting: A Working Concept of “Wilderness” for Environmental Ethics and Ordinary Language

Charlie Merman, Rutgers University

If “Everyone Does It,” Then You Can Too

Steven Dykstra, Brock University

Scientific Minimalism and the Division of Moral labor in Regulating Dual-Use Research

Richard Spradlin, Regis University

“Hood Politics”: Racial Transformation in Hip-Hop

Dance Shade Hannum, Coe College

Criminal Justice Without Moral Responsibility: Addressing Problems with Consequentialism

Miguel D. Guerrero, Lewis & Clark College

The Academic Animal is Just an Analogy: Against the Restrictive Account of Hegel’s “Spiritual Animal Kingdom”

C.J. Oswald, Alma College

Moral Vegetarianism and the Philosophy of Mind

Nicole B. Doolen, Elon University

Purity Balls: Virtue Ethics, Sexuality, and Moral Development

Linda Martín Alcoff

Feminism, Speaking for Others, and the Role of the Philosopher: An Interview with Linda Martín Alcoff

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