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Stance Volume 13

Table of Contents

2020 Staff

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Love and Rationality: A Faith-Based Account of Epistemic Partiality in Friendship
   -Jude Cyr

A Proposal for a Coherentist-Constitutivist Account
of Normativity

-Yixue (Anna) Cheng

A Philosophical Analysis of AI and Racism
-Lel Jones

How to Scrutinize the Market God: Evaluating the Neo-Liberal Market Analogy Through Debates in Philosophy
of Religion

-Jerome Boyd

Not So Skeptical: A Cow's-Eye View on Optimism
for Empathy

Allison Gould

A Step Toward the Elucidation of Quantitative Laws
of Nature

 -Stephen Perry

Let's Talk About the Birds, Not the Bees: Sex Education for a Flourishing Life
   -Grace Gecewicz


Fanon and Recognition: Finding Hegelian Self-Consciousness through Struggle 

   -Peter Visscher

We Don't Know We Have Hands and It's Fine: Being Optimistic about Skepticism
   -Nicolien Janssens

Problems of Framing: Fatalism and Time
 -Augustus Wachbrit

Kripkenstein and Mathematics as the Language of Nature

    -Nour Khairi

If Theres's No Music Up in Heaven Then What's It For: Music as a Vehicle for Philosophical Thought

   -Gabriel Tugendstein


Philosophy as a Helping Profession with
Gina Schouten, PhD


Zoe Lawson, Ball State University
Rose Winters, 
Ball State University


David W. Concepción, PhD 


Emily Fuher, Ball State University
Emma Hamilton, Ball State University
Matt Hinkleman, Ball State University
Owen T. Molinet, Ball State University
Rose Winters, Ball State University



Nathan Maxwell, Ball State University
James Neubauer, Ball State University
Bailey Painter, Ball State University
Grant Robertson, Ball State University

Eli Wood, Ball State University


Sarah Dalton, Ball State University
Bella McGill (Lead), Ball State University
Isabel Parham (Lead), Ball State University

Cora Rutledge, Ball State University


Karina G. Kasmauskis, Ball State University
Sydney E. Smith (Lead), Ball State University


Kaleem Ahmid, Northeastern University

Kelley Coakley, Regis University 

Shane J. Cooney, University of Oregon

Marshall Cooper, Connecticut College

Adam Estabrook, Appalachian State University

Alice Koga, University of California, Riverside

Stephen Perry, University of Kentucky

Elizabeth G. Stanza, Webster University

Lesley Walker, Lipscomb University

Abigail Webb, Eastern University



Rebecca Frost, Queen's University

Alex Greven, University of Richmond

Jonathan T. Hawley, University of Missouri, Kansas City

Barrett C. Hess, University of Southern Maine

Matthew Kern, Kent State University  

Nicholas Munsey, University of Lynchburg 

William S. Rubin, Trinity College 

Bjoré Samard, Hampden-Sydney College

Elise C. Whatley, Sam Houston State University 

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